My Simple Sign

Communicate in an instant!

My Simple Sign is a digital solution that enables your business to instantly upload offers, last-minute promotions, urgent information, daily deals and much more at a local level. It’s very easy to use, very quick to update and enables instant communication!

From retailers to restaurants, bars to garden centres, and office space to leisure venues. If you’ve got a message to communicate My Simple Sign is right for you!

Bar Scenario

It’s a really hot day, and you’ve decided to run an offer on local (and very cold) ales on tap. The only problem is, you can’t get any Point of Sale sent to you for at least a week.


Promote it on My Simple Sign! Add the offer detail and a photo of the ales, and watch your customers walk in. If you’ve got lots of ales to promote don’t worry, you can create a play list and use scrolling messages on the screen.

Retailer Scenario

You have lots of seasonal stock to clear. You’ve put a hand-written note by the stock in store with a discount message but it keeps getting damaged, and is a bit lost amongst all of the stock.


Use My Simple Sign for instant communication! Add a photo of the stock, and detail the offer instantly and professionally.

Restaurant Scenario

An option on your daily menu isn’t selling as well as everything else but you need to use the produce today.


Promote it on My Simple Sign! You could include a video of the menu option being made, and offer a discount or free drink when it is purchased.

Leisure Venue Scenario

You have a limited number of ‘bring a friend’ gym passes available for your members. You’ve printed off some leaflets but the pile isn’t going down very fast. Gym staff are too busy to mention the offer.


Use My Simple Sign for instant communication! Add the offer detail to the screen, and let your members read about it as they stand in/pass through the foyer.

Garden Centre Scenario:

You have decided to run an offer for Valentine’s Day (roses and chocolates) due to an excess of stock. Your display looks beautiful, but the handwritten signage is letting it down and the offer messaging is getting lost.


Promote it on My Simple Sign! Take a photo of the roses and chocolates and upload with the offer details in seconds.

Office Reception Scenario:

You’ve got an event on in your building, and delegates don’t know where to go. Your reception team are getting behind on their work, because they are having to direct hundreds of delegates.


Use My Simple Sign for instant communication! Add the event name, location and directions and let My Simple Sign do the work for your reception team.

My Simple Sign… it really is that simple. A complete digital solution, that is super easy to operate, super quick to update, and will allow teams at a local level to respond to sales or events instantly and ensure performance stays on track.

Find out more about the Features and Benefits of My Simple Sign to see exactly how our digital solution could work for your business.

If you have any questions about My Simple Sign, you can call or email us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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